Mar 29, 2017

Angloserbian poems / srpskoengleske pesme

“All witches and fairies Are chasing me around Here's a pocket Where no money could be found"
(Hank Williams sr. - Straight to Hell)
"I didn't even start to shave And my life was for no complain When I went to my uncle O'Neill By old dusty road to Dublin"
(ирска трад.)
"Give birth to the sons Go to other ones Just leave me in peace
I won't die and I'll still love Somewhere in Siberia, at least"
(Walt Whitman - I’m Voting for Love)
"And you were my unbelief The only mistake of my youth There's just nothing between us No sorrow or joy, that's the truth" (Charlotte Bronte - The Unbelief)
"Cry, babe, cry I stayed on River Kwai I can't come to you They don't let me through"
(William Cuthbert Faulkner - The Bridge on River Kwai)
"My whole life is a dead sea Without a single wave Only memories are sailing On the yellow pages trail"
(Sylvia Plath - Be careful who you sleeping with)
"Little ant, little ant Disappeared in chest I have got to find him, Just to take his place"
(William B. Yeats - Little Ant)
“You are not born for love You're navigated by the wrong star And that's why you're not given To wear gold on your hand or hymen
Niether mine nor better than me”
(George Gordon Byron - Born to Lose, Live to Win)
“Don’t play hide and seek ’Cause we are not little kids And I no longer have any aces In my miserable sleeve”
(Emily Dickinson - Young)
"Gypsies are breaking my soul Playing her songs for me Remembering the past days, touching my memories Because of love lost, indeed"
(John Milton - Paradise costs)
“This is my house I used to live right here This is my darling I used to love just her This is a man who took everything from me Oh, vagabonds wait, I’ve got no place to be”

(Charles Bukowski - A Vagabond)

Dalibor Radovanac

Mar 15, 2017


Želiš da mu kažeš nešto što ti već dugo čuči na srcu? Simpatičan ti je, lep, zanimljiv, a ti imaš potrebu da on to zna? Do sada nisi imao priliku?
Komuniciraj sa svojim kandidatom preko tvitera.
Tvitni mu ga, kao odgovor na njegovih deset sekundi Drugog Dnevnika.